Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness characterised by relaxation, focus and increased suggestibility. 

Benefits of hypnosis

Hypnosis has been increasingly found to be beneficial in a variety of areas including reducing anxiety, pain management and improving sporting performance. There is increasing research that indicates that the therapeutic benefit of CBT is enhanced by combining it with hypnosis. I use hypnosis to compliment and enhance other therapeutic approaches.

Common questions

  • Am I in control?

You are always in control; it is up to you how deep a state of relaxation you choose to enter.

You cannot be made to do something outside of your moral compass or something you do not want to do. 

  • Self-hypnosis 

This is a process that occurs when a person self-induces a hypnotic state. Although, it can be argued that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, as it is under your control. 

  • Am I aware?

With hypnotherapy, you are aware of everything the whole of the time – and that’s exactly how it should be. You may, or may not, be able to remember everything afterwards – but at the time you will hear everything that is said.

  • Do I have to be very hypnotisable? 

We are all different – some people go into a very deep trance and remember nothing at all afterwards, others remain in a light trance, which can work equally well as a deep one. Often, people drift into different levels of conscious awareness and remember parts of the experience.

  • What if I can’t visualise? 

I will ask you to use your imagination – you may find it easy to visualise easily or you may be more auditory or kinaesthetically inclined. I will endeavour to make suggestions to all your senses.

  • The science 

Brain Waves – During hypnosis brain waves alter. As you relax, your conscious mind becomes less active and the filter, CCF (Conscious Critical Faculty), between the subconscious and conscious is suspended. This allows helpful suggestions to be accepted by the subconscious mind.

Registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, General Hypnotherapy Register and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.